Slonim Local History Museum n.a. I. I. Stabrovsky

The museum was opened on 20 September 1929 as a private one. Its founder was I. I. Stabrovsky. In 1939, the museum acquired the status of the state museum. The museum exposition is available in 9 halls. It is represented by the departments of nature and history. In the department of nature one can find the physical and geographical characteristics of the region and minerals, the remains of ice age animals, the present-day flora and fauna of the region. In the department of history, there are the most interesting archaeological findings about Slonim and materials about the history of wars. The museum collection consists of 29,392 items (2012). The most valuable are archaeological, numismatic and ethnographic collections. The unique exhibits include a stone idol of the 10th century, the Statute of the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania (Poland, 1648), the bust of Napoleon by the French sculptor R. Kolombo (bronze, 1885). The museum offers the following cultural and educational programs: "The Heritage of the Town on the Shchara" and "The Bitter Remembrance of the War"; the tours around the exhibition "The Monastery Antiquities: a Museum of Church Art", which was set up in the village of Zhirovichi jointly with the Minsk Theological Academy and Seminary.